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CD review:  Twelve by the Moon-dial (Clarinet & Saxophone, Summer 2010)

CD review:  Twelve by the Moon-dial (The Clarinet, June 2009)

CD review:  Foliage (Clarinet & Saxophone, Summer 2001)

"The Riverdale Ensemble's interpretation... is nothing less than stunning, a simply astonishing performance... superb balance and pacing... amazing both in terms of balance and sonic quality..."
- CAML Review

"... a trio of elegant talent... warm tone... exhibiting delicacy of shading and phrasing...  A real winner in every sense..."
- Gordon Lewin, Clarinet & Saxophone (U.K.)

"This ensemble, whose three excellent musicians always present interesting repertoire that has been well prepared, is well worth getting to know."
- Allan Pulker, WholeNote

" The cd… is a wonderful addition to any chamber music collection… would make for a wonderful evening."
- George Sanford, Hamilton.701.com


On the other hand... 

... you can't please everyone, not that you would necessarily want to.  Here's the top ten list of... ah... interesting comments about us and our concerts.  We thank the people quoted below for giving us extra incentive.  Names have been withheld to protect the... well, you supply the adjective.

10.  "You're the people who play all that English stuff?"
- MM

9.  "I don't know how you can stand all that dissonance."
- BF

8.  "Was there something wrong with the piano?"
- (name unknown)

7.  "The clarinet was a quarter tone sharp."
- JN
(actually, it was flat)

6.  "Some people think your tone is kinda nnnnnngggg."
- MD

5.  "It's not possible to be both an instrument maker and a player."
- FE

4.  "I can't imagine either of you playing the really heavy repertoire."
- MD

3.  "I only play with people who have the potential to go somewhere."
- SS

2.  "... your Walter Mitty playing ambitions..."
- CM

and (drum roll, please):

1.  "Why don't you get a real job?"
- MF